13 March 2013

Struggling to stay awake as chemo’s principal side effect, in my case, an extreme tiredness, slows everything down. I spent the morning in a daze worrying about the fact that my first social security payment has been lost and my Internet dongle may be unusable because as usual it has become bent through heavy use.

Then found code number and what I need to do for social security, got online right here. Trying to focus on simple tasks. CheersMeUp to get them done.

No pain, morphine dosage was increased by the doctor. Just exhaustion. Trying to eat. Today’s Mystery Meat was a chicken with intermixed veggies for lunch.

Yesterday, some friends from Lamma snuck in a perfectly wonderful McDonald’s cheeseburger, chocs and two strong coffees; the burger and half the first coffee triggered a dramatic bowel movement. The nurses are always demanding poo, but what they do not realize that for years I used coffee to keep me regular tous les jours.

These vacations into the past in the form of fantasy food such as McDonald’s are good as a rare treat but the cheeseburger and chocolate burn my mouth a bit, mouth sensitivity being another side-effect of chemo.


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