25 March 2013

Congee and Shakespeare
Congee and the First Part pf the Contention between the Houses of York and Lancaster (Henry VI part 2) which was writ, mostly by Sa Si Bi YAH, and was a smash hit, so, Sa Si Bi Yah wrote the True Tragedy of Richard Duke of York (no, not about Richard III, about his unattaint Pa) and Good King Henry VI.

To the gladness of all, the restored House never had a dam’ chance to once again attaint anyone including Richard Duke of York.

The issue of attaint (destroying the ability of anyone, and his descendants, to enjoy well-earned rights because of something his Pa did) so fraught as to drive many students of law batshit, and, it is simply written out of the American Constitution. Right? Right, Right.

[Falls to the ground making small eeping noisettes.]

Can Agony be a Painkiller? No…

Real agony as painkiller wears off. While it is “fun” to search for new positions and new breathing patterns, I may have been downplaying the pain. I am hoping that the second round of chemo helps. That is, after all, what chemo is supposed to do even if on a limited schedule: give me the chance to travel, see granddaughters, etc.

I get a base amount of morphine, which is rather high, using a patch thru doctor’s supervision and then I can ask for more. As long as the requested dosages won’t kill me they are given.

“Agony” is an extreme word but for me it links to tragedy where in ancient Greece it was an “agon”.

Relaxation exercises learned from Hanoi Jane (Fonda): scrunch up your face in a frightening grimace, and then offer up your pain to heaven, all-ruling, and simultaneously release the face.

For butt pain do ab and butt tightening.

Congee, Henry VI Part 1.

Lots of pain last night, getting better. A mad Duchess and her Homunculus try to kidnap Talbot but in vain, for Talbot is an Englishman whereas a mad duchess and her Homunculus are…well, I ask you. The part of the Homunculus in the BBC series was effectively cast, for Ron Cook, later to be Richard III appears as Homunculus in the earlier play.


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