28 March 2012

Congee and Richard Duke of York (Henry VI Part 3), with the Henrician “Pastorale”: his speech “This battle fares like the morning’s war”.

March 27 2012

Finished Henry VI Part 1, with the first battle scene of the Henrician Trilogy, the Battle of St. Albans, now, a posh bedroom suburb 35 Km north of London.

Decided that the Wells-Taylor method of identifying the plays in strict chronology (“Henry 6th Part 2″…the “First Part of the Contention”, written first therefore listed first, the play now known in the traditional nomenclature as Henry VI part 3, the play about the actual war, and then a play writ last “through popular acclaim” about what laid the foundation for the war.

Today St Alban’s is a posh high street and real estate values always increasing, perhaps even after the crash, especially for properties spiffled-up for wealthy foreigners: but if Falstaff is right and a proper civil war should break out, then one might yet buy land in England “as cheap of stinking mackerel”: and the sight of a young Richard crook-back hacking foes to death outside your window may very well have brought on a clangor in Parliament to end this princely war.

Not sure, post 1911 and beyond, that the lords would have been permitted this nonsense, and this business of asserting even a fraction of rights over the wealth of a district merely by being made Duke of Earl is a non-starter in Britain as it is in America.


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