March 31 2013: I walked abroad…

Easter Sunday:

I walked abroad in Easter Park
I heard the wild dog’s distant bark.
I knew my Lord was risen again…
Wild dog, wild dog, you bark in vain.

Stevie Smith

Pain driven away, waiting for congee and the Grand High Shakespeare ReRead, sipping yesterday’s cold coffee, listening to Ravi Shankar’s “Improvisations on the Theme Music from Pather Panchali”.

Workout 1 PM: Supine Dance (Rückenlage-Tanz) to Raga Mishra Piloo with leg circles for aerobic benefit, 10 mn. 20 minute conductus and Rückenlage-Tanz using Shostakovitch’s Leningrad Symphony. 30 mn total.

Grand High Shakespeare ReRead: Richard III: Notes

There’s a lot of meat on this bone: Richard III is the second longest Shakespeare play relative to the longest (Hamlet) in word count with all sorts of characters whose fates concerned Shakespeare.

On film this play is too often subject to savage cuts such as are found in Ian McKellen’s “Airfix” version in which the sets assumed undue importance in a 1930s Fascist Britain.

All the words are needed since only the words can show the increasing fear in the Gray family (Queen Elizabeth’s relatives whose power and safety depend on Edward) and in individual lords like Hastings who thought himself safe but of course the main story is Richard’s evil which he must confess to in the “before the battle” scene.


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