2 April 2012

10 AM workout: 20 minutes on the old rickety rackety rowing machine: The old rowing machine truly an antique. You have to use it carefully to avoid having protruding nails interfere with the workout.

100 arm and leg, 100 arm only, 100 leg only while massaging the cancer-damaged leg in a manner inspired by Ayurveda and a lecture on same I attended at Kamalaya and repeat for about 500 total motions today. My poor left leg! It looks like the leg of a malnourished British officer during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong, for the knee is wider than the thigh. No fat just the atrophied muscle doing its best to visibly raise the leg. A drama of life as new spring smells arise. The question being why dost thou want to live, and what good would it do anyone else? The answer is don’t be ridiculous any man’s life has some value to others.

Grand High Shakespeare reread: Edward III is trying to seduce the virtuous Countess of Salisbury and is reduced to trying to get her father to pander her to him! Will our boy recall that he’s a king and must set a good example?

The hot blood of a right royal king must ever be reconciled with virtue. The play, although clearly a collaboration, has been accepted as predominantly Shakesperean by scholars, so, I have included it in my Grand High Shakespeare Reread, although as opposed to the traditional canon, I am reading Edward III for the first time.

Shakespeare must have been an amazing guy to leave such a mass of collaborations and foul papers behind, never caring himself to assemble this into his own, self-published “collected works” as did Ben Jonson.

Dominic Dromgoole (Artistic Director for the New Globe, author of “Will and Me: How Shakespeare Took Over My Life”) walked from Stratford to London in S’s honour. In “Will and Me”, he writes of S: “His work is full of errors, lazy bad errors, the man himself was full of contradictions and failures, but we must accept all of those as part of who he is.”


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