4 April 2013: watery congee

Congee (much too watery today), completed Shakespeare’s [sic] play, newly added to the canon, Edward III.

Developed a new form of exercise for the bedridden, as I am bed-ridden. Call it Kafka’s Cockroach: one cycles the legs and arms, this morning for 1250 revolutions for a good, solid 20 minute workout first thing; since it is the Ching Ming (Spring) festival, the attendants have a holiday and I cannot use the rickety rackety rowing machine. Be careful to avoid scraping your bed-wound which in my bed, too small for Gweilos as it is, is at the L5 lumbar.

Edward III sucked and had no characteristic of a true Shakespeare play. From now on, I shall, in this the Grand High Shakespeare Reread, stay inside the canon that was received as of 1962 and skip such plays as are apocrypha (The Two Noble Kinsmen, etc).

Which hasn’t, fortunately, excluded Pericles, Prince of Tyre, which I have reread in this GHSR. Pericles, which I first read when too young to appreciate it, was a rare find because the coal-seam that distinguishes Shakespeare’s work from the jingly “Gower” speeches that connect scenes in the manner of the masque is quite clear, and Shakespeare put his soul into the tale of a just man separated from his family.


One Response to “4 April 2013: watery congee”

  1. Kafka’s cockroach sounds like a sight to behold! I’ve not read Edward III, and after your assessment of it, I don’t think I will. Take care.

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