5 April 2013: Atrophied: Can’t Walk

Made the distressing discovery that I can no longer walk.

Yesterday, my client showed up with dumplings, hot and sour soup and I had a second lunch. But when I tried to join her in a walk I had overwhelming pain and could not stand up.

OK. I shall make a “walking attempt” every day.

This isn’t good. I can only try things one at a time. There’s still another round of chemo and I shall have to be focused about getting out of bed and trying to walk.

I still have a choice. I can bemoan no longer being able to run or celebrate my running in a spirit of gratitude. Gratitude! Perhaps like Froissart I need now to chronicle the many and varied adventures I had when able to run.


One Response to “5 April 2013: Atrophied: Can’t Walk”

  1. Absolutely, keep trying! Best wishes.

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