10 April 2013: ‘Tis a Gift to be Simple

Workout: 20 mn on the rackety old rower and 4 walking segments of about 8-10 meters with some pain, need to use railings. Extraordinarily thin I look like a reasonably healthy concentration camp victim in the full length mirror: Bettelheim’s Dachau, not Auschwitz. I have that leg thing where the leg is thinner than the knee that many British officers sported at the liberation of Hong Kong, in their case owing to the Japanese POW ration of rotting yams and in my case, owing to wastage probably triggered by the chemotherapy…altho I can find no positive Wikipedia evidence/text that Taxotere (docetaxel) causes weight loss (as opposed to hair loss).

Doctor says there’s nothing for it but to get the calories and continue to exercise. This is all very much a March or Die, Mes Enfants situation but I don’t think about death. Roger Ebert despite three cancers had a great time in his last months socializing, and gassing about food and film with, among others, my friends Alex and Claire and Ebert’s wife Chaz. I got to see Alex and Claire last fall when I flew back to Chicago for my son’s obsequies.

Alex and Claire have long lived in a beautiful Chicago neighborhood I have long associated with personal and social redemption. With the end of the fat years this neighborhood has quietened considerably down to sensible but interesting restaurants and shops much as it was in 1959 when my parents first took me to the Ivanhoe restaurant where for me, dinner theater and mediaeval themed dishes were the height of mystery and enchantment.

The depression won’t end until we all become as little children, happy to buy and to share simple necessities.


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