11 April 2014: Song

Let an “Edwardian” sonnet be one in which there may be zero, one or more extra terminating couplets

Song of Small Hope

The children’s future is a glass of love
Into which we peer with hope and dismay
Their innocent demands could destroy us
Until we pray, come what may, on this day.
On special occasions it’s a cup of hope
In Hell it’s a cough and a sob
As the smoker who’s at the end of his rope
Comes to understand that dying well’s a job.
And here I am after many a year. I am
Priam, and Troy’s a burning for real this time
As half crazed I wander not caring, that it’s Pri Iamb
For my metrical feet are burning in th’ grime.
Understand, please, that for me it’s serious
But if you don’t agree I shan’t be furious
You get a get out of jail free card from me
For you’re the Granny Mama, don’t you see.

Edward G. Nilges 11 April 2013. Copyright (c) 2013 by Edward G. Nilges. Moral Rights asserted.


2 Responses to “11 April 2014: Song”

  1. I hope this helps you melt your granny mamas heart! Take care.

    • spinoza1111 Says:

      Thanks, Michele. I try in blogging to respect the privacy of others who unlike me don’t choose to “wear their hearts on their sleeve”, as I choose to, “for daws to peck at”, to paraphrase Iago i’th’old play Othello. Shakespeare as in many things is a guide for while we know that the Handsome Boy (in Cantonese, 靚仔 leng3/1 zai2) was Henry Wriostheley, we don’t know who the Pretty Lady (靚女 leng3*1 neoi5*2 ) was.

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