16 April 2013: Boston Marathon Massacre

Common to school massacres and this Boston Marathon attack may be the aging male’s hatred of the feminine, the body, and the younger male’s feminized yet athletic body. We don’t know too much at this time, but we do know that whether Islamist or American right-wing, it is the male who starts the killing as he ages.

The 1970s introduced the idea that the athlete didn’t have to be the testosterone-poisoned Incredible Hulk, asserting extreme, warlike male values: that the running male could be metrosexual and as such easier on his loved ones as well as the eye…with the admitted downside that being “metrosexual” is defined by consumption of the right products.

I can’t even find after-shave in Mannings except for Playboy after-shave because Asian males are such boneheads! I’m not supposed to use it anymore, I’m supposed to use rice bean juice sauce and what-all. I’m not supposed to use shampoo and conditioner since the conditioner merely does what the shampoo undoes. Indeed, in hospital I just give the female (!) attendants who bathe me my lemongrass and tea soap which works on my hair.

But we may be sure that metrosexuals running a Marathon bother hicks, rednecks, hillbillies and high school dropouts…which is why I found it disturbing when my two of my putatively au fait new friends on Lamma professed to be grossed out by my shorts, which were perfectly normal in 1970. One of them, an editor for Lonely Planet, later threatened to accuse Whitney Houston of drug abuse no matter who Blocked him, because this was his “free speech”. He did and I blocked his stupid ass, because I don’t like it when people unthinkingly run their mouths, and either unintentionally or intentionally enable the sort of REAL attack I was subject-to in Chicago, when a drunken clown didn’t like my speedos.

My son is dead. He committed suicide in part because last year he was beat up for dancing by himself at a performance by a band with the stupid name of The Men at a club in Chicago called Treasure Town. In the YouTube film he appears, bearded, on the left. There is I believe a demon afoot who hates the dancer and the feminine, especially when the feminine escapes the female body and causes the masculine to be less warlike.

I’m guessing at this point that this is what happened at the Marathon. Some guy decided that skinny, underdressed men with pure smiles could not be endured.

It is MY body and it is now dying of Phase IV prostate cancer, you know what I mean, you stupid cocksuckers? In the Boston Marathon, men and women reveal THEIR body to finish a holy chase and they are now dying in the ER, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN, YOU STUPID COCKSUCKERS?


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