17 April 2017: Rückenengel befreien Sie Tanz

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 12.49.21 PM

First-thing workout: 20 minute Rückenengel befreien Sie Tanz (supine Angel Freedance, flat on back, cycling and air dancing) Congee, King Lear acts 3 and part of 4 (reading the 1623 Folio “Tragedy” in addition to the 1608 Quarto “History”, read last week.) Altho I prefer the 1608 History because it has more incident (servants plotting to aid Gloucester and a more elaborate reunion scene), the 1623 version more focused (the servants plot in 1608, but then are heard no more).

Then, off to QM for chemo. PSA down but not significantly, as a result of chemo. The usual rough trip in an omnibus ambulance used not for emergency but rather for transporting patients, strapped in, Rückenlage, contemplating the sky.

The physio isn’t changing the can’t walk deal at this time, trying to accept the possibility of permanent lameness. That’s like death only, as Laurie Anderson would say, “much, much…Better”.

10 PM. Had Taxotere drip at five PM. No side effect reaction at this time.


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