21 April 2013

First thing 20 mn supine angel freelance workout, congee, finished The Tempest in the Grand High Shakespeare re-read.

Thought of as “Shakespeare’s farewell to the theater”, the Tempest was actually followed by at least three subsequent projects, on which Shakespeare was a collaborator: All Is True (Henry VIII), Cardenio (a lost play) and The Two Noble Kinsmen. But The Tempest bears the mark of no other fist and as such could be a farewell to the authoring of single plays, rather than to the theatre.

Most recently I have seen two excellent versions of The Tempest.

The canonical BBC version made for video tape in the 1980s is now available on inexpensive DVDs.

In addition, Julie Taymor, in a brilliant bit of casting, recently made a version not only featuring Dane Helen Mirren as “Prospera”, ruler of the isle but also Dijmon Hounsou, an actor-model who’s done a spectacular Calvin Klein underwear ad, as Caliban, and starred as Cinque in the film Amistad.


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