22 April 2013

Congee, Midsummer Night’s Dream Acts 1 and 2. Bad side effects from chemo include sleeping all the time and diarrhea.

More and more struck by the fact that while the academic fashion is to focus on the Shakespeare plays of the 17th century except for The Tempest and the great Tragedies (Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, Antony and Cleopatra), “problematic” plays, like Measure for Measure, and to ignore The Tempest and the best 16th century plays such as Romeo and Juliet as somehow “entry level”, the plays that have come down to us in good texts, known to be authored by Shakespeare alone being relatively ignored, Shakespeare’s true greatness remains in his single-authored plays and not in his problem plays. Of course, the problem plays probably merit more academic study than the straightforwardly great plays; but for students, overemphasis on problem plays can be a turnoff.

As soul and body begin to fall asunder…the misery of repeated onsets of diarrhea on Saturday with copious and unmanageable shits, not able to go to the toilet on my own. Instead I am in an adult diaper with the nurses uncomplainingly and expertly changing me. Because I used to change my son’s own copious shits, I know expertise in doing so without a mess when I see, and feel, it done to me. But this one more immobilizing humiliation. I may need some sort of medication when next I’m out to prevent an incident.

Absolutely horrid, inedible, dry pork for lunch, and the feeble noises of a neighbor whose cough turns into weeping, for through emphysema, I believe, he has no air left for coughing. This seems to be a rough patch indeed.


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