23 April 2013: We May Fly

Congee, finished A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Also reading Peter Hopkirk’s The Great Game about the 19th century struggle for mastery of Central Asia, so strikingly like that of today, the book lent to me by a mate who has his own library of books that he would treasure above his dukedom if he had a bloody dukedom which he don’t. Next stop on the grand tour of Shakespeare should be the central and then the problem comedies: As You Like It, then Twelfth Night and then perhaps Measure for Measure.

Workout: 20 minutes “supine angel” freedance to last movements of Third and Sixth Symphonies of Beethoven. Can resume physio in gym with the “rackety row” machine, etc., tomorrow.

I do wonder how much my own passivity, wanting simply to lie here and watch movies on the Internet or even cultivating my mind with next a Grand High reread of Der Kritik der Reine Vernunft, Kant’s “Critique of Pure Reason” is itself causing the wastage in my body. I should try with a visitor to walk out into the garden. Walking causes such pain, however, that all I want to do is lie here and in many cases waste my time with Youtube.

For Youtube in fact shows the heights and the depths of humanity. In one session I might watch the utmost garbage about which “the less said the better”, which is wrongly thought to be completely representative of YouTube, and then watch Glenn Gould or the B Minor mass.

In the comments section of a Glenn Gould Bach “sarabande”, along with the vilest things people think of to say, a guy posted not long ago that he’d never heard anything like it, and all he knew were “the names of porno stars”. I encouraged him to learn more, and perhaps was witnessing divinity’s workings in You Tube Hell.

The Incomprehensible Maestro

…incomprehensibly takes flight whilst conducting Beethoven to the amazement of his children, seine Kinder Max undt Moritz.



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