27 April 2013: Ketchup (catching up, get it? Nyuk nyuk)

Offline: the night before last, my Air fell off the bed bending the Netvigator dongle at 90 degrees. A mate’s getting a replacement for me being a mate how can I repay all this mateyness, coming as it does from blokes and wummen too. Backup now using dayroom wireless.

Congee (bit watery today: buttery perfect yesterday): finished As You Like It, acts 1..3 of Twelfth Night in the Grand High Shakespeare ReRead.

Also reading: Being and Time (Sein undt Zeit), and The Great Game by Peter Hopkirk. Also, dipping into a marvelous edition of HG Wells’ Outline of History updated by writers for Britain’s New Left Review to the immediate post WII. This last book an excellent way to become historically literate in the sense of understanding the grand, Hegelian, to and fro even if the “facts” might have been changed by more recent research.

The Grantham day-room a marvelous example of practical post-war British military architecture with nary a frill save a huge lighting fixture in the day-room that takes a curvaceous right angle in proper Art Deco form. Like HG Wells, the facility is postwar New Left and (mostly) practical. We didn’t know we had it so good when Mom could take University classes for free in New York and we let the Tories and Republicans take the credit with Eisenhower, and the British Tories saying “you never had it so good” in 1960.

I have been given a proper chair with lower leg support similar to the chairs in the Queen Mary chemotherapy center; as I have been saying, lower leg support such as is found in first-class airline seating is key to taking the pressure off L4 and L5 which in my case causes both sciatica pain and a bedsore.

It was true, but the Tories should have said “…because of national health and how Labour ended rationing, rot their boots”. Their “free market” policies were already destroying Britain’s computer industry: with Turing about the shop until his suicide, it was world class: not to mention Britain’s auto industry. The financialisation of industry and demoralization of the middle class had already started.


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