27 April 2013: Undeserving?

It’s interesting. “Forty winters” of Personal Responsibility, learning computer programming, pounding the pavements looking for work, working 16 hours a day, supporting the kids and I’m amazed by, I feel undeserving of, this remnant of socialism. I am going of course to pay for it but from another “entitlement”, Social Security, and it’s only 13 USD/day. We all have a right to a decent minimum. I can’t walk and if this is permanent I’m in an interesting situation: lame in Asia. In my mind’s eye with legs like sticks I hold up my begging bowl, or, in another mental movie, I defy the Japanese as a British officer with legs like sticks in Stanley Prison here in Hong Kong during the war.

You address the remaining sciatic and wound pain by squeezing the butt muscles to take the pressure off and release endorphins.

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 9.45.58 AM

Not as bad off but I find it rather disturbing that my lower legs have wasted down to these chap’s sizes. I must speak to Colonel Sakitomee: a diet of rotten yams needs to be supplemented with rice and fish.

Workout: 20 minutes Supine Angel, dancing lying down, first thing, triggered considerable pain which I’ve decided to work thru, there being no causal relationship between movement and cancer. I then asked for the “break thru” pain killer which chased the pain away. Accepting this new companion, pain. It may expiate my sins, wir sagt?


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