29 April 2013: repaired my dongle by myself! Yay for me!

Back up 24/7.

Got Netvigator service working again on the right dongle & correct SIM card simply by means of a systematic test in which I tried combinations of SIM card and dongle to find that the black dongle with no cap and sim #1036 seems now to work. So my offline adventure with more time for books (dead tree books and offline Gutenberg texts and PDFs) and my drawings of grand-children ends: need to consciously take time away.

I just sat down, metaphorically since I’m in a hospital bed, and in a written systematic way tried different combinations. The only remaining puzzle is why the nonproprietary Huawei dongle won’t work since these are dirt cheap and if they only worked I could acquire ten of them as backup to my working, Netivigator dongle. These things have an unfortunate tendency to get bent since the dongle sticks out in a uniquely clumsy, bad design. Obviously, the dongle and its wiring should bend to the right and be flush with the side of the computer. Yes, this would potentially block USB or other ports but the Air and the Powerbook have few and you could always use the port closest to the end.

To avoid bending, all I can do is try like crazy not to lose the cap, another profound design flaw; the cap is designed to be lost since you must take it off the dongle. Boring people don’t lose these caps; exciting, artistic, creative people, who live in the heart of a maelstrom, do lose them; the Apple lesson being, design for the latter and let boring people buy PCs and do the many boring things that need to be done to make PCs work. You buy an elegant machine but for 24/7 internet access you have to get something ugly. Apple’s next generation’s designers should realize that wireless has failed, owing to the “free market”, to deliver on its promise, at least in Asia: its city-states won’t provide a sheltered free internet universally available, and at all locales except the library (where the service is admirable) the free service is stomped out by the monopolist, rent-seeking pigs at PCCW. So you give them your money ($1000 HKD per month!) and support that which you hate.

I don’t see any alternative being a newly handicapped person with a left leg possibly permanently wither’d up, a left leg that

…Is, like a blasted sapling, wither’d up:
And this is Edward’s wife, that monstrous witch,
Consorted with that harlot strumpet Shore,
That by their witchcraft thus have marked me.

Shakespeare, Richard III

I rely on the Internet much, much more than when I could run about Hong Kong.

Here comes congee (watery today but with nice multi-grain chunks of rice): time indeed to start Timon of Athens in my Shakespeare re-read on dead trees, a collected works which is falling apart since I’ve been reading it in bed.

Lower pain and more flexibility. Doctor impressed with the speed at which I sit up and slither around the bed because I’ve preserved midsection strength. Far more than sexual vanity, “six packs” were for Bruce Lee a fundamental source of POWER.

In the Grand High Shakespeare Re-Read, finished Coriolanus, started Timon of Athens. I was profoundly mistaken in an earlier post concerning the authorship of Timon. It was a collaboration between Shakespeare and his most talented co-author, Thomas Middleton.

I’ve been informed, more than once, in our small but active Shakespeare community here in Hong Kong, that Shakespeare was a collaborator first and foremost but as I’ve said, he was nothing of the sort until his crisis of the turn of the 17th century: financial issues, his relationship with Anne Hathaway and perhaps a delayed reaction to the loss of his son which occurred in 1596.

The downfall of the Author engineered by modern criticism including feminist criticism (something I enthusiastically read, and support) unfortunately dovetails with the rage in the corporate world to destroy our individuality, especially as a male individuality, by making us into “team workers” in a way that finds the male ego an obstacle…as if there’s no such thing as the female ego (hah!) and as if the feminist programme weren’t precisely the flowering of a previously subalterned female ego to bring it up alongside that of the alpha male. Of course, this leaves the Platonic-Huxleyan ordering of society into Guardian-Alphas, Warrior-Betas, and so on, unchanged but most scholars, feminist or otherwise, seemed to have missed this, lacking the cultivation to apprehend Huxley and Plato in the same breath. This is despite the fact that Huxkey had this, apprehending himself and reading Plato in the original.

That is (das ist). The male experiences feminism’s business end in the corporation because certain feminisms help the bottom line.

I’m serious, for I encountered a pre-feminist situation in the 1970s in corporate software (helping develop the first mobile phone at Motorola, modifying operating systems at Standard Oil Systems department, compiler development at Bell Northern Research) and found it mostly Hobbesian, with males and mannish females in constant, wasteful struggle to prove “who was Master” not realizing I was ha ha. It was only at the last-named company (BNR) that I found that employees and management had eliminated this struggle. Engineers felt safe in their jobs until 1985 and as a result, BNR delivered what other companies only promised in want ads: a humanistic, family-friendly, work/life balanced job.

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