Reflections on Durer

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 9.00.24 AMReflections on Durer

The Ritter, the Knight, he travels through the Fog
Attended by his faithful Dog,
Todt, Death, holds aloft and Hour’s Glass
For who ignoreth Him must prove an Ass:
Der horny Teuful, the Devil, follows near
He carries such a frightful spear!
Was it the weapon pierced the side
Of our Lord who like unto a lamb, died,
For our sins both great and small?
(for in Adam’s fall we sinned all).
But like the Dog, Fred (Pferd) the Horse
Carries the Knight steady upon his course:
For as anyone knows, Horses and Dogs
Are for the Gentleman indispensable:
They are our silent friends, they are as ’twere Logs
That register our sins tho uncountable
Trust not cats, but trust thou Horses and trust thou, Dogs

Edward G. Nilges 30 April 2013: copyright Edward G. Nilges (c) 2013: moral rights asserted

Change Record
1 May 2013 Added this record
1 May 2013 Line 4 grammar improved: “he” changed to “him”


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