1 May 2013

Congee, a spotty banana and the transcendent Act 2 of Romeo and Juliet.

This of course includes the Balcony scene and this marvelous stage direction when Juliet arrives at Friar Lawrence’s cell: “Enter Juliet, somewhat fast”; but I only find it in the Oxford edition and not in the Folio. But Friar does say this:

Here comes the Lady. Oh so light a foot
Will nere weare out the euerlasting flint,
A Louer may bestride the Gossamours,
That ydles in the wanton Summer ayre,
And yet not fall, so light is vanitie.

Directors can go wild with this, having Juliet SLAM into Romeo as did Zeffirelli in 1968, but if memory serves, more recent productions have Romeo and Juliet doing it on the floor whereas in 1968 they remain standing whilst Friar Lawrence endeavors “them to part”.

You haven’t lived unless a lady slammeth into ye as if behind ye wiz th’ goal and she wiz the opposing mob. That (the opposing mob of Mongols pounding down on me as goalie, not the Lady) happened to me in Shenzen.

Spotty bananas are said to be good for the cancer but I didn’t like its sweet taste probably because I am full of the melancholy humor.

First thing workout: 20 mn *Conductus* (conducting an imaginary symphony with vigor) and 10 mn supine dancing.

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