05022013: This castle hath a pleasant seat. POW.

6 AM first-thing workout: conductus and supine angel workout. Congee (perfect: buttery and chunky and HOT), Acts 3 and 4 of Romeo and Juliet. Workout: 20 mn: supine angel *Conductus* and dancing. Need a second workout (physio).

In a piece of casting luck, it appears that I am to be Duncan (the murdered King) in the Scottish play here in HK. I’d been loth to audition since my disease is unpredictable. But it appears that the director, the redoubtable Adam West who’s torn up the stage in his Vincent can and desires to film Duncan.

I should do a saintly Duncan altho the real King of Scotland contemporary with England’s Edward VII was not saintly. Basically, Duncan says “What bloody man is that? He can report, as seemeth by his plight/The revolt of our newest state” [something like that], “This castle hath a pleasant seat” (?) and then gets whacked. Lady Macbeth says she would have whacked Duncan but he looked like her father, leaving the heavy lifting to Macbeth, dammit. No apparitions, no “let me sit heavy on thy soul tomorrow” in Richard III’s procession of Richard’s victims. Potage du canard.


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