A Discourse on Aesthetics


Is Art a beauty contest?
Hubba hubba ding a ling
If so Maynard Keynes’d attest
That there’s no integrity in Arty judging.
That British ‘conomist
Thought by some a Communist
Pointed out that judges judge
Their Factors bein’ full of Fudge
What their mates think is the prettiest Gal
Not who is the most beautiful.
So dost this infeck with pale Aspect all differences today:
We have lost the ability to be “subjective”:
Each man looks to the other man
Hoping to be “objective”
By choosing the most popular bint
Made popular by mass choicing:
Whilst she who’s truly fair, and of birth and nature rare
Like Lear’s Cordelia toss’d aside, not even fit for burning.

And Weep she shall alone in thrall
To no Man in the Desert:
‘Til Hagar’s angel comes to call
And succor her with Sherbert:
And on such Manna shall she dine
That she’ll like an Angel shine
And burns she down with Angelic frown
The City of the Plain:
Lo, she’s right as right as rain
False Judges they shall scream in Pain.

– Edward G. Nilges 5 Nay 2013: Copyright (c) 2013 by Edward G. Nilges, moral rights asserted

Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 9.14.28 AM

Corot’s painting of Hagar in the wilderness with the angel on the way to help her


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