7 May 2012: All’s Well

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 1.50.33 PM

Congee this morning only looked inferior, a bit brownish and rather watery. Almost exchanged it but when I ate it is was just as good as the fluffier, less watery and whiter congee I prefer. Looks like I make a mistake common in Asia, to prefer, in an almost racist fashion, the whiter rice to the browner: this caused the brown nutrients to be stripped and caused people to die of malnutrition eating the white rice until the nutrients were added back by artificial means. But this morning’s congee was as always yummy with nice chunks of stuck together rice grains that had softened and expanded.

The amazing thing is that I can now recognize, as almost an implant in my brain, implanted that is by the Mad Men of the 1930s, a fear of hot and “too watery” oatmeal, congee and the delicious (if not especially nutritious) Cream of Wheat the railroads used to serve on passenger train “dining cars” for breakfast. The TeeVee told us kids that we wanted cold and sugary cereal in cold milk. It was more “manly”, it was “cowboy food” whereas oatmeal, Queen of Wheat and rice pudding (Western congee) was for Mama’s boys and sissies whose Moms would get up before them to fix breakfast.

Man can’t live on rice alone but women in SE Asia try. Since rice has some protein albeit inferior in protein to wheat (bread) they can survive but often are malnourished creating less threatening bodies more attractive to Western men like me who like not having to get stomped by women. As Billy Kwan says in The Year of Living Dangerously, “starvation is a great aphrodisiac”.

My meals are checked by a nutritionist but I need to speak to the doctor since I could do with a chunk of fish in my congee (but not with a fish head and those little eyes staring up at me). Or a chunk of Spam. If I could find a supply of cans of single serving slabs of Spam I wouldn’t need a fridge and could toss them into the congee, increasing the protein…but adding to the various risks of highly processed foods.

Because I drink my Ensure I don’t have deficiencies, just cravings for protein in familiar forms such as a BIG JUICY HAMBURGER aieeeeee. I never realized how American in dietary preference I was until I was mew’d up here and could not just stop at McDonald’s or Dan Ryan’s.

Hamburgers are round, like manhole covers and indeed the circle, the Euclidean and Platonic Idea of the Circle as the smallest area to fill a square, is celebrated by your whoreson Hamburger. They have meat at their heart and I should be ashamed of myself, yet I’m not for poor people (I have happened to be poor more than once in my life and arguably am now) cannot be choosers and must thank the cow. It is a hard choice but licit if you will die of malnutrition on a strict vegan diet and I would. I almost did so, through my ignorance, last summer.

Finished All’s Well That Ends Well, a remarkably good play with a sharply drawn older woman (the Countess) who prototypes the marvelous Paulina of The Winter’s Tale, Hermione’s defender.

Another genuine “Shakespeare Authorship” problem, quite different from the usual idiocy behind the phrase “Shakespeare Authorship” is Shakespeare plagiarism. He swiped his blank verse on Cleopatra’s barge from Sir Thomas North’s translation of Plutarch, and, much earlier, Tyrell’s killing of the Princes from Sir Thomas More’s “History of Richard III”.

Two workouts completed by mid morning, a supine angel 20 mn first thing and then 30 min in the gym, 20 mn rackety row, 5 mn scooting around on my wheelchair, and 6 walk laps.


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