8 May 2013

Congee, Antony & Cleopatra. Tired, need to sleep: but had go to Queen Mary for chemo round three: will try to sleep at chemo center. No workout today except for wheeling my own wheelchair, since my morning assistant walks with a cane; wheeling my own wheelchair turned out to be strikingly aerobic and fun.

Because of cutbacks it is my responsibility to line up friends to accompany me to and from the chemotherapy center at Queen Mary Hospital and this is at times a pain. Of course, if I am only paying 100.00 hkd per day this goes toward increasing my contribution to the cost of care, which is only fair, given the unstinting care that’s been provided me since May of last year.

The chemotherapy seems slowly to do good while obstinately refusing to have significant side-effects except weight loss (?). Down to 59 kg/130 lbs wearing my fashion jeans but my cute abs are scored neatly by lines caused by excess skin over fat that’s disappeared. I am encouraged to eat everything and this situation clearly demands a combined-arms Snickers and M & Ms attack tonight. I will ask to be weighed next Monday 13 May at the Urology followup.

The next Grand High ReRead, after I finish the Grand High Shakespeare ReRead, shall be Kant’s Critique. Again I have read this already in an older, inferior translation. I have the Guyer-Wood translation from Cambridge University Press and a book of this importance should be read twice.

In retirement I would like to regain focus to read important and complex texts as well as write them. Since I have returned to practicing Catholicism (the rites bring peace and a remarkable freedom from fear) Kant justifies a bicameral way of thinking including a Modernist world view at the philosophical level fully consistent with Catholicism at the level of theology. I need to relearn how the “antinomies” make any aufhebung between philosophy and theology impossible, with the caveat that this is caused by deficiencies in our apparatus. Hard stuff, relieves butt pain.


2 Responses to “8 May 2013”

  1. Rick (your brother) Says:

    Good to read your Shakespeare critiques. Though I’ve read many of the plays and seen several at Chicago Shakespeare, my understanding is not as great as yours. Even though your ilmess has you down, you keep on keepin on.

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