8 May 2013

Congee, Antony & Cleopatra to Act 3 scene 10 and Anthony’s doomed Battle of Actium. Tired, need to sleep: but have to go to Queen Mary for chemo round three-one: will try to sleep at chemo center.

Congee hot fluffy and white today. But it’s always great to have no matter its state since you get hot nutrients fast which wake you up for the morning’s tasks.

Morphine (Fentanyl) dosage reduced today. Let’s see how that works. If my usage of Jungle Jump juice (extra shots of small amounts of fast-acting liquid morphine meant to treat “break thru” pain that exceeds the level controlled by the main dose) doesn’t increase this means I am successfully tapering off.

Received some great titles from my flat courtesy of the redoubtable Baz:

1. Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason which I have read tho’ in an older translation not this one (Cambridge Guyer-Wood). It is simply not possible to fully, even partly grasp the essence of this thinker in a single pass. So when I complete the Grand High Shakespeare Re-Read begins the Grand High Critique Re-Read.

2. Adorno’s commentary on Kant’s Critique: altho have read want to dip in during GHCRR.

3. Wells and Taylors’ Textual Companion to the Collected Works of William Shakespeare. Exclusively for nerds, and devotees of the Shakespeare text an sich. This is what Shakespeare actually wrote and even just intended, a Derridean arch-writing. Practically every line of every play is dissected.

No workouts, god willing two tomorrow.


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