10 May 2013: Up in a Dazzlingly Offensive Way

Up at 5:30 AM dazzlingly, offensively awake like a dose of liver salts or a plate of ham and eggs.

I have completed A Comedy of Errors in the Grand High Shakespeare Re-Read and Massacree. After Henry VI and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, if memory serves, this was the third Shakespeare play I’d read, in a thin Folger edition for 35 cents illustrated with a 1960s-vintage Retro wood-cut of the two Antipholuses meeting…if memory serves.

Next: Cymbeline, King of Britain, a long late romance with the greatest complexity of misrecognition that is unwound at the end in a clattering, almost algorithmic or recursive way, like Babbage’s Analytical Engine finishing a difficult linear equation. Cymbeline looks backward to the similarly complex, relative to scale, resolution of a Comedy of Errors. A rougher version of The Winter’s Tale tho’ writ later.

20 mn first-thing supine angel freedance. Might get extra food today or next week: conference with nutritionist over weight loss: poached egg, three cans Ensure instead of two.

“I say, Colonel Sokit Tomee, the men look like skeletons in a panto! A diet of yams is not going to build the Bridge! They need fish, rice and cigarettes!”

Cut to me up to me neck in sand and the men singing hymns.


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