On Seeing the Redoubtable Barry O’Rorke in GLORIOUS as Mr. ST.-CLAIRE in Hong-Kong in May of 2013 Anno Domini

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 3.35.49 PM

He knows what side his bread is butt’rd on
And comes he out of the cold to Firenze,
Florence his mustard and his Grey Poupon
A madness only apparent, a fine frenzy.
Sometimes he sings, and sometimes he dances!
Sometimes he doth naught but shitteth around!
He taketh risks, and finely takes he chances!
Boozing like English-man never an hound!
Never questions he Flo’s talent and skill
His is the older man’s wisdom, never bite
Oh! The delicate hand that feeds ye, Bill
Or Ted or Hank…you know, this, oh Will!
For Florence is Venus and you live at her hest:
You’ve left Earl’s Court for the End that is West!

Edward G. Nilges 5 May 2013
Copyright Edward G. Nilges (c) 2013
Moral Rights asserted

An “Edwardian” sonnet, mine own invention, may have zero, one or more final couplets but it is Shakespearean in its quatrains. Additionally the lines of the final couplets may be Alexandrines but the lines of the quatrains must be iambic pentameters. But note that I’ve broken the quatrain rule here in the last quatrain: it is abaa not abab.


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