13 May 2013

First thing workout (with pain in left hip), congee and an egg: have to go to Queen Mary for the monthly cancer status followup. Doc and I had agreed to reduce morphine and I may have to tough this extra pain out, or wuss back to the higher level.

At the Queen Mary cancer status meeting the doctor has confirmed that PSA (Protein Specific Antigen) level down to 6.5 although expressed in China as 65 without the decimal (need to check this).

Finished Julius Caesar: started King John, in the Grand High Shakespeare Re-Read and Massacree.

But HG Wells’ Outline of History is also good despite the way in which chap insists on calling Muslims “Moslems”, for his insights on Muslims-Moslems are fresh after 75 years and first rate. I read of the explosion of Islam and the overthrow of the Persians, chap named Rustum, end of Manicheanism, end of worship of Mazda.

Good, rousing, first-rate stuff as was Julius Caesar, which I’ve read several times after my seventh grade read-through of all of Shakespeare, for school and for pleasure.


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