24 May 2013: Notes of a Serial Dreamer

Up at 6:30 AM, 20 minute workout: five mn supine, five mn doing supine pull-ups (read: not real man’s pull-up which I cannot do at this time) on my bed’s monkey bar, ten minutes walk on a beautiful May morning.

Eggy white fluffy congee, my favorite, with a real Egg. I celebrate the Chick, the Poussin, that died that I might live.

As part of my Grand High ReRead of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, completed one half of the translators’ introduction which thoroughly covers the Matrix from which Kant’s Critique emerged. Familiar enough but I need to know it better so as to formalize Kant in this log using modern logic as opposed to Kant’s Logic, a somewhat idiosyncratic thing.

But the goal overall of studying Kant is to render my return to Catholic worship visibly compatible with Science in a Jesuitical form. Given Las Casas and the Berrigans, Catholicism grounds my yearning for social justice and a connection with my younger Father, and his concerns.

“I have a MASTER’S degree. In Science!” – Ask Mister Science, in Duck’s Breath Mystery Theater

[NB – I am serious, just flippant on occasion.]

Since my sentence of Stage IV cancer, my dreams have taken the form of a serial, and in each I am struggling to be born, but stuck in a bookstore or pro shop of some sort.

Quite vivid dream about a voyage to a slave island sponsored by a radical bookstore in which I lost most of my luggage. The sponsors of the voyage not helpful because, they said, they could give only a limited amount of help to a white male and representative of the enslaving class, even though I demonstrated excellent swimming skills (swimming from our boat, which was laid out like a crowded bus). Then, on the final leg of the journey home (by actual bus on Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive in a heavy rainstorm) I lost the rest of my belongings transferring buses.

The dream ended at the ninety degree turn that LSD takes at the DePaul campus (Loyola? Can’t remember in the slightest, but I know it’s a “major Catholic university in Chicago”, therefore either DePaul or Loyola).

The “radical bookstore” similar to dream-bookstores in recent dreams, which I’ve been having nightly, about a bookstore which represents the starting point of an anabasis or adventure; this was the first such dream in which I actually embarked upon the anabasis.

Interpretation: the overcrowded bus-boat may have been a memory of the Lamma Island ferry. Had dreams about Lamma Island when living there but not, as I’d expected, since.


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