28 May 2013 Really Not Trying to Obfuscate or Write Sesquipedelian

First thing 20 minute workout included supine pull-ups, supine free dance and a ten min walk, followed by (guess what) a sort of dark but chunky and delicious congee-pud and (guess what), an Egg. Hey I like boredom it’s better than a near-death experience from a calcium imbalance.

Reading and rereading the Transcendental Deduction of the Categories since I find myself unable to properly answer questions about Kant or to make a glossary of the ways in which Kant uses words. If I am stumping Mark Podolner it is only fair that Kant stumps me.

But I do remark that Kant makes an (important) distinction between thinking of an object and cognizing it and says to think (or is it cognize?) of a line is to draw it in thought. This is an aspect of the Kantian notion that thought is creative and active, not passive.

Before Kant and today, outside of Kant, though is thought of as contemplation but there are those of us who understood math because we could make geometric constructions and proofs.

Who now teach appreciation of a Shakespeare sonnet (or did until my cancer *debacle*) as the ability to write the poem you read, at the syllable, word, phrase, sentence and higher levels, to diagram your findings using Word and then write a parody of the sonnet.

Who got “into” computers as an escape from the arid Political Correctness and roads leading nowhere in fifth rate academia into a field in which I could do concrete work.

I mean, come on, teaching is informed by research. A teacher who’s prohibited from research in social studies, which normally leads to left-wing conclusions when it’s not corporate-funded and has any depth, is, like Staughton Lynd, sacked by the institution. But even “first rate” institutions today take bone liars like Robert Service, who did a hatchet job on Trotsky recently, seriously, which makes them fifth rate as well.

Therefore I read the Critique so you don’t have to.

A professor should never say that a given authority is unreadable: she should make an effort. Just because she has a Master’s degree

“I have a Master’s degree. In Science!” – Ask Mister Science, Duck’s Breath Mystery Theater

doesn’t mean she’s done learning stuff.

The Tramp in Clive Staples Lewis’s underrated novel “That Hideous Strength” listens to the (evil) Director, even though the Tramp can’t understand him, because the Tramp is getting some grub and some wine, and is quite impressed by a toff like the Director. My Dad read Hegel, he said, by passing his weary eyes in retirement over the words of the Phenomenology of Mind without apparent comprehension, for just as we dream even if we forget our dreams, there is no such thing as forgetting anything. (Perhaps.) (According to John von Neumann.) (Whose wife probably said, don’t be an ass, ye’d forget your head if it wisnae attached.)

Second Workout

Today’s second workout was not as usual on a weekday afternoon, it was at 10 AM. 20 minutes on the rackety rowing machine and seven minutes practice in climbing stairs. The ever-competent physio staff has also found me a step-up which I can use first thing in the morning for step aerobics with a view of Dawn and the Mountain.

By “the arid Political Correctness of the university” I don’t mean the neoconservative story: that academicians, as “tenured radicals”, are too ready to uncritically accept left-wing stories of oppression and victimization.

First of all, none of the radicals I knew were given tenure.

The “arid Political Correctness of the university” has in recent years come to include a readiness of accept corporate censorship in the name of a (nonexistent) neutrality in which all questions are left open.

But if social “science” somewhat resembles physical science, not to be sure in method, but in the fact that reasonable people should strive to accept the conclusions of both sciences when reasonable people come to be aware of them in the wide reading which is a marker of a reasonable person, then until we learn otherwise, we probably have to accept sociological theory which since C Wright Mills has recognize that in American society in particular and Western society in general, there’s a lot of (unjustifiable) oppression.


My head hurts. Was that a complete sentence? Yeah, I think so, its major form is if..then, Hylas.

If you say so, Philonus.

Mark Podolner? What say you?

My butt hurts. The bed sore is however healing up nicely now that I am more mobile. I’d read a medical journal article on wound care when I first got here and it emphasized a daily wound care, *tous les jours* (TLJ). This is what I got here and it works. It prevents some real nasties including antibiotic-resistant staph infections.

Intelligent people BELIEVE that if they were to travel at close to the speed of light, they’d return younger than the people who did not travel, not because most intelligent people have understood Einstein’s 1905 Theory of Special Relativity, but because they have at a minimum respect for science…without that respect becoming uncritical. They don’t have time to follow Einstein’s reasoning, but their physics prof did and he was a nice guy. Not all argument from authority is malign or fallacious.


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