29 May 2013: new step aerobic moves can now be added to morning workout: Kant is hard and boring.

Tessa America Crazy Girl
Edward G. Nilges, Tessa America, Pencil, Pen, computer enhancement, 29 May 2013. Copyright 2013 by Edward G. Nilges.

First thing workout (will be no physio workout today as there normally is owing to chemo): 6:30 AM, 100 pull-ups from supine, 100 step aerobic steps with new step provided by physio, supine dance.

Grand High ReRead of the Critique of Pure Reason. Finished the Analytic of Concepts and part of the Analytic of Principles when I realized that I will have to read these sections (pp 201-384) seven times as of old at university when I had a difficult assignment. I don’t understand this material in detail. It is boring because hard and hard because boring. It is boring because unfamiliar relative to more breezy philosophers able to “sum it all up” with an aphorism (GE Moore, Bertie Russell, Schopenhauer, Adorno). But this is not infirmity it is Kant’s duty to Kant’s vision.

Kant bases his reasoning on a creaky, outdated (but on examination valid) logic that rather seems to confuse the valid operation of a mind or brain with logical truth. Less and less normative until you subtract all working minds (not hard in a typical university classroom) and then strictly prescriptive: a vox clamant in deserto, but true. This makes it that the much harder to understand Kant.

Looking forward with 99% certainty to Congee and an Egg.

Will be doing chemo today assisted by my Chemo-sabe, won’t be on Internet much as the only access I have is inside and around the Deli-France, and I’d like to try the main employee cafe if they admit patients.

Then shall be squired home by my other Chemo-sabe.

Life of Riley…


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