Quodlibet for My Son

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Quodlibet est verum, unum bonum
Whatever exists is true, unified [singular: one] and good

To EAN who was true, one and good:
To Edward Arthur Nilges, who was true, one and good:
To our son, who was lost in a bitter wood
In a false world legion which sucked his living blood.

We like to think and say, he lives! In world
Better than this rag and bone shop
Into which as a bairn he was untime hurl’d
And sent to cruel school where they said now hop
To it, child, show us you’re worthy but I
Am alweddy worfy at which teacher laughed.
No he was worfy, and you did but lie
And he got nothing from your ilk but the shaft.
Against which in high, working, Roman way
My son hurled himself self-destructively
Like Brutus at Phillipi in th’old play
To end, many years later, his misery.
We’re all punished because he stayed pure
We are the disease, his way was his cure.


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