6 June 2018

First thing workout: 100 steps (50 good leg, 50 bad: the “bad” leg, however, has completely recovered from its “withered” state and thanks to constant exercise it looks the same as the “good” leg.

Two bowls congee, but it was the disgustingly sweet kind that tastes like American oatmeal: could not finish. The Egg disappeared as always in two bites.

The Kant grind continues. Adding PF Strawson alongside Adorno to reading list for in The Bounds of Sense Strawson claims to find errors in Kant. Since I know Strawman, excuse me Strawson, as an ordinary language philosopher I find this hard to credit.

Halfway through the Kritik, using courseware and assignments from a class by Prof. Rae Langton at MIT.

My physio workout today was an intense 20 minutes on the old “rackety row” machine with intensity set to 2/10: yet the intensity seems to increase exponentially. In these sets, most weekdays under supervision of the physio staff, I rip up my upper thighs and as a result my “weaker” thigh now looks the same as the right thigh and neither looks like that of a British POW fed a diet of rotten yams by the Japanese for three years at Stanley.

Vorwart! For I want to be able to see my grandchildren. Restoring the weakened thigh to full function means I don’t have to split my flight up back home three ways to avoid deep vein thrombosis and it may permit me to run or at least hike again.


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