11 June 2013

Me Aweddy Woke Uo

Tessa: “Don’t wake mei-mei ah (baby sister)!”
Esme: “Is ok. Me aweddy awake”.

Grampa: “Oooh my butt.”

Although my grand-daughters are fraternal twins, it is evident from photographs that Tessa is very protective of smaller Esme, who is forever snuggling with her sister and is in a sense a Mei-Mei. At least I think this is so.

Thirty minute first-thing dawn workout although I was in more pain than usual. 100 supine pullups, 100 steps, walk, one flight stairs. Two breakthrough medications before workout, called for third right after, no more pain for the rest of the morning. Quiet peaceful rainy grey dawn.

Trying to reconcile with the fact, that I won’t be running again, and that walking must become “the new running”. Also need thru spirituality to reconcile with the fact that the pain is cancer pain, the Big C. Even if I beat the odds as regards lifespan I must accept pain as did my great-grandmother Hochwalt. It’s punishment for my sins, in particular being a jerk as regards women. Unser Wandel ist in Himmel: our conversation is in Heaven.

I’ll stop reporting breakfast until it changes. OK, for the last time: two bowls yummy congee and one Egg. When it becomes ham and eggs and donuts and coffee you’ll know.

As to the Kant slog (my re-reading of the Critique of Pure Reason). Need to read the Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysic after I finish with the Adorno commentary; you cannot understand the Critique, I am told by more than one authority, without reading the much more amusing Prolegomena. I’m stuck for now with the literal Guyer/Wood translation which is extraordinarily difficult to understand since it tracks Kant’s 18th century German syntax and sentence length (fifty plus words per sentence seems to be the mean). But this is my punishment for writing verbosely.

Dr. today had a real good tip for next Sunday, to get to Lamma without exhaustion. Don’t go through the IFC mall. That was how I exhausted myself, running here and there in the mall, spending too much money at Starbucks and La Maison du Chocolat.

“When the thing he beheld, that thing he became.” When I see expensive things I imagine that I am wealthy. Silliest damn thing, but that is how the subconscious works! Therefore, stay out of expensive malls!

Grampa's stories of Tessa and Esme


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