22 June 2013: Come in, my child…

It appears that the contemporary Duchess of Northumberland has a Poison Garden with hundreds of toxic plants. I was married at the Shakespeare Garden of Northwestern University, in Evanston, Illinois, which had every plant mentioned in Shakespeare from Ophelia’s dead men’s fingers to Perdita’s flower for men of middle age: but this place is truly creepy.

Creepy! Worthy of a descendant of the Percies, murdering bastards all of them, and rebels under Henry IV as chronicled in th’Old play.

Here’s a new poem!

Well come in my dearest Kynde
To the Duchess’ Poison Garden:
Here you shall find in the chilly north Wind
The nightshade and the venomous Toad
The carrion killed on the MI-5 road
And sweets for the sweet only one in ten will kill you
Do come and do play Russian Roullette, it shall be quite a “do”.
Don’t be frightened my child,
From the wind and the wild,
Death is but a sleep:
And after death shall die, into Life thou shalt leap.

Edwatd G, Nilges 22 June 2013
Copyright (c) 2013 Edward G. Nilges: moral rights asserted


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