24 June 2013: There’s None Can Harm the Knight Who’s Lain With the “Witch of the Westmoreland”


Up at dawn (5:30 AM) for step aerobics, stair climbing and walking.

Had “home leave” yesterday to my flat on Lamma island. A month or so ago I’d had this but made the mistake of stopping in the mall where I wandered around a bit, nostalgic for shopping, spent too much at La Maison du Chocolat and Starbuck’s. When I finally got organized to cross the flyoverto the Lamma ferry felt too tired to continue.

This time the tiredness didn’t catch up with me until the walk from the ferry to my flat. Lots of rest stops and difficulty catching my breath. Thought of Adorno at SilsMaria: must watch this in my condition altho he was 8 years older.

Got to meet Bookman Nick, a rather goatish but charming Englishman who sells books to survive and also does moving, quickly and expertly. British friends Clare and C of restaurateur fame (Lamma Grille) stopped by.

My friend C had had her helper clean up the place when C had noticed the mold…it’s not a bloke thing to notice mold and it could have seriously messed my things up. So, at my expense and with my approval her helper did a cleanup focusing on mold. My landlord will never realize how I protect his property and I will probably have to fight for my deposit.

I did notice a (rather pleasant) moldy smell to me books and underpants when C brought them to Grantham.

I sat for a while too exhausted to do the things I wanted such as find my iPod nanoes. The electricity was off since the dehumidifier now blows circuits…fortunately it had never done that before.

I now realize that renting forces you to wander and to move and I hate moving altho I love wandering. But now wandering is also hard even right after successful chemo.

The return was a trail of tears and a Bataan death march relieved only by running into Lamma friends Parksy and others. I had to make several stops.

But this represented an advance over the last time. I’ll never forget how my former wife had admonished me when I was starting to run in 1981 and would express frustration at my lack of progress. She said, be patient with yourself and these were as it were “magic words” that launched me on a steady progress towards “the golden apples of the sun”, 20 miles from SF to Sausalito, Paris at dawn, and more. Listen to the woman as Wesley Snipes says in White Men Can’t Jump. Don’t gotta do what she says. Just listen to the woman.

Kant Study

Finishing te Critique but also need to finish the Strawson commentary and the Prologomena, and write the two essays prof. Rae Langton assigned in her Open Courseware class at MIT, before I start on Marx.

Gazed longingly at my other Kant title, a German edition of Zum Ewigen Frieden that I’d bought at the German bookstore in Paris…although it’s small could not justify dragging it to Grantham, since I don’t know enough German to read it.

Likewise for my French books Vies des Poussin (four short biographies of Nicholas Poussin) and Lettres sur l’Art (letters on art). Just too much to carry for my mate to the ferry and then for me.

But since I need challenging books with projects in them, like a pre-schooler, I grabbed a book on sentence diagramming using formal grammars. I’d like to apply diagramming to Kant’s whopper sentences.

I think it may be time for me to get a Kindle reader perhaps as part of that Singularity we read about as the chemo blurs my reading vision. Kindle would allow me to adjust size and light ad infinitum.

I thought these failures of my senses (“and then the Windows failed/And I could not see to see” – Emily Dickinson) would bother me mre but all they mean are new experiences such as watching Harvard lectures ob iTunes. And the computer itself constitutes a pair of eyeglasses with all sorts of capabilities.


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