7 July 2013 A Sonnet

King Kong

“There is no possibility of thinking of anything at all in the world, or even out of it, which can be regarded as good without qualification, except a good will

Immanuel Kant, Grounding for a Metaphysic of Morals

His book, a Metaphysic of Morals
Stood last on the shelf in the morning light
As it were, of his bones, now not corals
Were made, but words that will wake us at night.
We’ll “Skype” of him on Skype and fervent we’ll pray
That there is a world for him set right
Where naiveté does not make him prey.
I go not where he goes tho’ I’m stricken too –
I gotta be strong for all my descendants
Put me in the hospital, put me in the zoo
Just give me a stage for my online performance.
Meine Damen undt Herren you came to see Kong?
Here’s Mighty Joe Young – and you did him wrong.

Edward G. Nilges 7 July 2013 in honor of Edward A. Nilges 1978-2012
Copyright 2013 by Edward G. Nilges, Moral Rights Asserted


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