9 July 2013: “Gazes With Compassion on this Rave”

Lots of pain this morning did 20 mn: 150 low rise steps, shortened walk two flights of stairs. Pain lowered by analgesic effect of exercise and another damned painkiller.

The Grand High Reread of Kant continues with the Cambridge Companion to the Critique.

The problem then of consciousness. Science can assay and account for sensation which can be completely simulated and exceeded by various computer input devices but we must also be present…and for our own sanity at a higher state and this is when the “I” of apperception is there in the room, like Billy Blanks would say.

But you cannot simulate the “I” of apperception. That would be like listening to the Raga Mishra Piloo or the Third Symphony and then switching to admiration of yourself, watching yourself listening in a mode which could be easily simulated by switching codes.

But what you cannot capture is the I’s knowledge of itself when it attends fully to something else unless the I is in another world and is a thing in itself. This means that immortality of the soul probably drops right out of the model with a thunk. Listen now.

The I of apperception is not a thing with a time coordinate x, nor a space coordinate xyx
It lends itself to this world as a gift or is sent as punishment
And with compassion in either case its inner self, made of light
Gazes with compassion on the raving world.

Kant Sentence Diagram (Edited)

Edward G. Nilges, Transforming Guyer/Wood p. 613 Whopper Sentence (180 words) to a Sentence Diagram, pencil and ink on paper A4 size, 9 July 2013, Copyright 2013 by Edward G. Nilges, moral rights asserted


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