8 July 2013: Fare Thee Well Titanic Fare Thee Well

Dawn workout as usual, 25 minutes: walk up to Senior Staff Quarters, 150 low rise steps. Pain level, high before workout, at 8/10, is now 4/10.

Came to this Windows workstation with Google Chrome in the Dayroom to say I will be offline for a couple of days but the usability of this workstation is such that I shall be able to post daily at least here with a link from Facebook.

There may be missed days until further notice, and I get a working laptop but now they are unlikely. I say this primarily for long-distance family members and friends who use this to see if I ain’t dead yet…seriously. Things like blogs and Facebook are taken to be Unserious but for me recently they have been Serious: damnable Serious, like that Titanic chap, Sparks, who kept at his post sending out SOS until the ole canoe went DOWN to the bottom of the sea (of the sea).

My Mac Air has died owing to a fan and temperature problem. You see, I drop laptops, far more than the ordinary person, and I’ve probably cracked the case resulting in HIGHER temps inside the device; they taught us in my Windows certification class that simple physics can show how taking the PC’s backplane OFF can increase temps inside the box and this may have been the case with my Mac Air, for Nick the Brain installed some cool software to monitor the fan and temps of the computer and we watched as the temp increased uncontrollably.

Finally, the fan went silent.

Nick’s advice was that it may be cheaper to get the new Mac Air than to get my system repaired. No way, I will go back to the far more reliable HP Mini technology. I’ve returned once again to Apple as one returns to an old psycho girlfriend from the commune to find that she’s still got a screw loose.

Seriously, under that clown’s control (can’t remember his name) engineers are being pressured to lie about reliability. Jobs MIGHT have put the boot in. Generally speaking, corporations preserve vestigial humanity including a moral sense as long as their first generation, their “founding fathers”, or “Long March” generation survives, and Madison or Deng or Gates or Jobs or Brin survives, unbribed as yet in an IPO in some cases, undead in others with a title such as Lead Visionary or Great Bull Whose Seed Is Infinite. But now Apple is nothing more than a boneyard with money men fighting over chunks and pressuring formerly good engineers to whore out their skills.

I also have a working (for now) PowerBook 13″ with a cracked screen that will probably allow me to once more get to my ideal situation … 24/7 access from my hospital bed. The way I have always pushed for my way in computer access is instinctive and it frightens me. From getting that security guard at Roosevelt off my case and becoming the Raging Phantom of its ground-level Michigan Avenue computer center, throwing pearls before swine because of low self-worth, to wearily setting up an IBM 3270 class “intelligent terminal” up in 1985 in my flat, to now, computers run my life for good and bad reasons.

But once again I shall have some great time offline in which to walk the grounds and draw and write for later entry in my notebooks. I also have my purchases from Eslite and Eddie’s Grounding for a Metaphysic of Morals to read. It’s all good.

So no offline time for now, at least a blog post tous les jours, for

La Reine dit “tous”: c’est merveilleux! – Edward G. Nilges, Chanson de La Reine Qui Dit “Tous”


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