12 July 2013

Workout first thing: 30 minutes: 200 lowrise steps, one flight stairs, and walk partway up Senior Staff Quarters hill. Was going for 250 lowrise steps but pain (which I try to work thru) and exhaustion (which still needs to be taken seriously) had me deciding to stop and keep at 200 for a while.

Great congee: the white, fluffy (big grain) and hot kind. Yesterday’s sweet oatmeal style helped to trigger nausea.

Working in day room for exercise, sociability and to save money on connection by using DR wireless.

Kant study

Doing a seven times read of Guyer on the Deduction of the Categories to understand that “apperception” (considered as seeing something y or otherwise sensing y while knowing (Ex)[x=Me & senses(x,y)]) is either more complex or if we prefer attached to much more.

x=Me (“I am having a sensation”) could mean a lot more. First of all it could include the categories which according to Kant must be used altho I think he’d admit that we don’t use all of them all the time. I almost wrote “my particular categories” which was a chemo brain fart for it implies the possibility of a private set (and therefore a private language). What I’d meant was “my particular subset of the categories Herr Kant has specified”.

Or, if you prefer, a different set if Herr Kant’s set proves to be wrong as well as antique to a modern logician.

We’re in the end concerned, as was for example Carnap, with a complete and correct Logische Aufbau der Welt: but like Carnap in the book of that name we find ourselves sketchers and not draughtspeople, drawing the final plan, and as sketchers, continually backing and filling. But my point as regards the very primitive first cut at “the apperception of the evil clown” which only assumed primitive “I see … something” apperception was that Kant is so difficult as to warrant many different forms of forward motion even if we’re chewing up someone’s yard and grinding our clutch in this.

This I think may be a form of Structuralism and Structuralism inherits from Kant: in a world of namenlosen (sorry: nameless) objects, use as needed your personal vision of a structure without premature concern about being right, about “using correct terminology”.

Tech Note(s)

Having no end of trouble with a Safari on my 13 inch PowerBook that’s slow and goofy and which insists on taking me to eBay to shop for other people’s crap (eeeeeeggh) even when I set Preferences to Google, I downloaded Chrome: it is marvelously simple and fast with no BS.

But now I dream of a simple Acer. Perhaps a small netbook style or perhaps, for a small amount of extra money, a great big whacking screen so I could get monster font sizes for my weary eyes and still see a lot of screen real estate. Anything cheap designed for the masses. I could return to playing with .Net without re-education in Java: presumably Microsoft still provides .Net and personal tools for free.

At the same time, what, C Sharp is a complete ripoff of Java and this means I can learn Java quickly in this 100 level online Stanford class in the basics of software engineering using Eclipse and Java. You’d think I’d think I know “the basics of software engineering” but humility goes a long way, and my facility with programming will just make this class easier. In it I can learn mechanics independent of Microsoft technology; in particular, having used Eclipse at a Shenzen employer I want to learn more so as to create tools for philosophical analysis and other purposes.

The class is available to anyone with iTunes and iTunes University. iTunesU may not be available to PC users as opposed to Mac users, which would force me to stay on Macs: but I am too lazy to check and be sidetracked at this time. I had iTunes on my HP Mini but never saw any iTunesU.

Anyway, search in the Store for anything like “Programming Methodology at Stanford”. The class is taught by a brilliant teacher named Mehran Sahami: I can learn for my own teaching from this guy, although I’ve frankly always been offended when a teacher throws candy at me when I answer a question correctly, or ask a good question. Like I do Mehran maintains a good energy level. Probably pounds half the candy…hmm, actually, that throwing candy business now sounds kind of yummy: I’d use chocs: Hershey’s “Special Dark” balls and M & Ms are too small individually and the student cannot catch a bunch thrown at once, so we’re looking at boxed chocolates a la Forrest Gump. I’d have to work at getting the range and not taking eyes out by throwing the chocs too fast, and not nervously eating the whole box right before the class.

This boring uni stuff is all free. I do note in the very small convenience store here at Grantham, prepaid Apple Store cards…wow (incipit
brown study induced by Shopping Opportunity) I could get a copy of Spielberg’s Lincoln watch it again … and more … no (wake up) I don’t need to spend money, I can simply get uni content from the Store nya nyah ha.

…just put “consider getting Apple store card in August” in my to do. Just consider it for now.


Great physio workout: 750 strokes at the rackety rowing machine as is now the norm on weekdays when the staff is there. Set at level 3 which is still kind of wimpy.

This verdammte cancer has helped me to accomplish an old goal: tous les jours (every day), first thing, and two workouts most days.

Acquired hand weights to enhance the morning step workout as of old with Hanoi Jane: I had her specially designed modular step and the workout and despite this being an example of my Shopaholicism it worked well, replacing a run step for step without the impact and enhancing the workout upper body wise.

I got it at Walmart. One really should be able to construct or just find a step. One may have stairs in a “house”. But one didn’t being a bit of a techie drifter in that time. I thought of using books but stability was a problem.

Jane did my thinking, I paid her, she got richer I stayed strong. Nothing wrong with that. But exercise wasn’t the cancer protection
I thought it might be, just a blast.

EGN SmartJobs Dec 2011

For a SmartJob TV commercial, as the “American CEO”, I man-handle a job-seeker across Pedder Street because he’s just signed up. The full TVC is here: I appear at about 14 seconds and at the epic final battle in the office. Did this in Dec 2011 two months before my cancer onset, was as fit as a flea: the scene on Pedder was shot in twenty takes and the scene in the office, ten, and I was exhausted at the end of the shoot.

Fun times arranged by the fabulous actor and agent Mike Pizzuto. Mike’s a great guy…sent me to many shoots and auditions including one in which I was all dolled up as “Karl Lagerfeld for Maybelline”. Not much work now for me since while I still have the Image (enhanced by my ability to play a handicapped person or Franklin Roosevelt) the stamina may be lacking. But the guy brought me lots of food over the holidays. Nice guy.


2 Responses to “12 July 2013”

  1. Recommend you consider trying out the Prolog programming language if you haven’t already. It’s a great language for logisticians. It’s been years since I touched it, so I unfortunately can’t offer up any good book references.

    • spinoza1111 Says:

      Excellent idea altho my object methodology (documented in “Build Your Own .Net Language and Compiler”, Edward G. Nilges, Apress 2004) is more suited to a procedural language such as C++ or C Sharp. I have read considerably about Prolog and its predecessor Lisp but never seriously developed in either.

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