14 July 2014: String Quartet Op. 74 (“The Harp”)


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Edward G Nilges, “Sarah Sarabande Busks”, pencil and pen on A4 paper, 2011. Copyright (c) 2013 by Edward G. Nilges: moral rights reserved

30 minute workout at dawn: 200 lowrise steps still painful and difficult, 50 supine hand weight moves, walk and up/down one dual flight of stairs. Pain before and after including a mass of pain in my big toe owing to ongoing circulation issues in my left foot and leg, for which the only answer is move it somehow.

The way Beethoven’s Op. 74 (“Harp”) string quartet unleashes the rushing main theme after a slow initial blockage, where pizzicatto is used to enhance the “rush”, perhaps of melting snow down a rockface in spring, search me. The unisono theme seems to address us with an importunate command.

Then a sort of what a hum and some rushing and return to the main theme.

Interesting stuff. Used to be on two sides of an LP where Peter Goldmark’s invention was considered nothing short of miraculous even though the “Harp” string quartet would occupy side one and half of side 2 and the makarys (OK, makers) would have to put something on the remaining half, perhaps a short sonata for violin and piano.

Omigod a wall of sound here … listen … here it comes, and such a tender theme, like that fall of snowmelt in Yosemite. Pizzicato again since Pizzicato makes certain we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Then the slow movement.

Kant Study: Holy Private Property, Batman!

Continues as before, grinding through the rereads. I think the motto of students of the Transcendental Deduction should be taken from Hollywood: “nobody knows anything”, not even Guyer or Henrich (Guyer the lead Kant man in the USA, Henrich apparently in Germany). Nobody willing to grasp the nettle and go to straightforward holism where every apperception is filled with the moment before.

Above all, Kant didn’t know what he was talking about. Adorno points out that a philosophy is not Holy Private Property, instead thoughts are “in the air”, in the weltgeist, like Keynes’ “voices in the air”. A philosopher essentially thinks-rethinks them and if he can write reasonably well they belong to him if he’s first past the post.

The idea in Kant’s time was that we structure experience creatively rather than see passively, and this was part of a general climate of liberation in which Americans and then Frenchmen could for this reason think for themselves.

Hume’s reductionism to “bundles of perceptions” and naught more was liberating as compared to a Scholasticism still going strong at the time which had become so complex as to be useless to most. But it’s pretty obvious we’re not “bundles of perceptions”. I still need to show how a mapping of perception onto a Turing machine, by means of a paper that shows that a TM can be non-denumerable (in the event the manifold is), loses something…and that something is consciousness, simple (without parts) and outside of time and space.

I envision

“In my mind’s eye, Horatio”

a Magritte painting in which people in heaven are sticking their heads into a soup as it were of space and time, raum undt zeit, and in so doing they empower dead matter that can only have sensation to be conscious matter. Pretty zany I admit.

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3 Responses to “14 July 2014: String Quartet Op. 74 (“The Harp”)”

  1. Whatever happened to the congee status write-ups? It may sound crazy, but I looked forward to finding out how they did each day. Although I must admit I can’t imagine having the same breakfast, more or less, forever.

    • spinoza1111 Says:

      Today’s (16 July’s) Congee was brown and fluffy rice, unsweetened. I dread the oatmeal. I’ll restore the congee status.

      Sometimes I get dim sum from friends so it’s not completely unvaried.

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