24 July 2013: So, what will be the Royal Baby’s name?

Up at 6:00 AM: 100 stair steps and 200+ weight moves from the supine position for a 20 minute workout overall. Later in the morning did 700 rowing movements, exchanging arm rowing moves without resistance owing to yesterday’s breakage of the Rackety Rowing Machine.

A few more considerations regarding pain

When it strikes I grimace and hold my mouth into a rictus. As the Kingmaker, the Earl of Warwick, says in the second part of the Henrician trilogy as the wicked Cardinal Winchester writhes dying: “See, how the pangs of death do make him grin”. Shakespeare makes it clear that Winchester’s agony is caused by his evil life.

The peers pay a courtesy call on Winchester but most of them hate him owing to his machinations to overthrow the “good Duke Humphrey” and his wife Eleanor in a trumped up charge of witchcraft.

Almost 100 years before Shakespeare, Luther had observed that the pangs of death can be used to erase our responsibility even for sins thought mortal, and Father Tito tells me the same thing. When these pangs, which signal doom impending or doom further off but surely are the pangs of cancer, I am to offer them up in a short prayer. I find that prayer an analgesic, like using my mind to decode Kant is analgesic.

Idea: in palliative medicine, customize the pain management plan around the unique personality of the patient. A bookish patient could be taken to the new bookstore with her gift card and a friend, and such a patient would endure more walking around.

Men are usually Big Babies as regards small pains, but turn more logical, I’d hasard a guess, as regards big pains: big man whines and curses and swears when he stubs a toe, but in great pain after a flaming collision with a drunk driver, he may well be cool, discussing with the physician his chances for life and what is meant by “debridement”, using his logical mind to think away from his agony. I say this because of the studies (books) I’ve read that confirm my Big Baby/Cool Guy theory. We men handle big disasters as military ops in many cases, because we’ve served in the military, or it represents for us an Ideal of self-control.

Pain before the first workout and after both is reducible, hopefully permanently at this time, to naught using the Fentanyl syrup doses I am given.

Kant Study

…continues with reading Michael Rohlfe in the Cambridge Companion on the Ideas of Pure Reason. Kant has shown in the Antinomies that “reason” interpreted as logic and suasion based on logic, could mislead us, since reason always wants to take us into moonlike regions no longer supported by “mother wit” the oxygen of empirical data or common sense, much like Baron Munchausen in the Monty Python film based on little known German tales…who’s reasoned himself in a way onto the moon and the company of Venus (played by a very young Uma Thurmann in her first well-known role).

Health Notes

Undergoing a procedure the other day about which the less said the better, but which has to be carried out by the nursing staff if the patient is not “regular” in his BMs, I reflect but what of that. Sure it was (is) painful in the Now but I sure as heck needed it and in the new Now I need to take steps to prevent constipation. One reflects, all this hospital stuff, this ceremony as it were of pain, it takes itself so seriously.

Royal Baby

To my knowledge, no-one has ever written down the algorithm for finding a successor given the deceased monarch, therefore it’s good that a male was born, because his legitimacy is questioned less and we have to endure less discussion as to whether he’s going to be the next King.

I think Wills and Kate should name him Edward. It’s a popular traditional name unlike Dylan, or Tonto where in the latter case you mock actual ethnics in some cases, if you use their name. It’s easy for British people to pronounce non-rhotically and it usually comes out Ed-wood of Ed-wud with the schwa. In America it comes out Ed-worrrrd especially if you name is Edward and she’s mad at you.

We need to redeem that name, that of Saint Edward the Confessor before 1066, from the damage done by that rotter Edward VIII (who was number 8 but never crowned). An Edward IX reigning successfully over the coming disasters could do wonders after Charles III and William V.

Just so Wills and Kate don’t name their baby after a motor car. King Bentley I? Camargue? No.

We have a clear line of succession: Charles, William, and this new kid. I don’t know what the new kid’s name is and the whole issue is as they say not as important as warm spit.


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