4 Aug 2013: China Dawn

Dawn China time. Got some rest: 12 hours of sleep, much needed. My previous blog entries seem run-on and “verbose”, in terms of ideation (too many ideas i, not too many words). Still cannot reset the blurred out photo booth effect, and yet, it is not an effect listed. I will keep plugging since the staff here loves the drawing of my grand-daughter.

PhotoBooth was a cool discovery. I could take a quick self-portrait and monitor my health progress (or lack thereof). I could hold up a drawing and make a copy and then modify it using Preview.

This and Gimp gave and shall give me an art studio here in the hospital as long as I could keep the computer alive. So it’s frustrating that now, owing to something stupid that I did, Photoshop insists on blurring everything out and “remembers” dully and mulishly to do this.

It’s frustrating, of course, that suddenly I cannot use my computer to simply take a non-blurred-out picture of myself or my artwork to show that I exist and love my children and grand-children enough to make an effort…it’s frustrating that spammers attack this blog when I leave it unused…oh enough’s enough. My eyes sting with tears.

If anyone has a solution…

I have, in addition to the Mac Powerbook and Air with Photo Booth, a scanner and a digital camera at home but my current most helpful friend is very busy with his own career and work as an actor and doesn’t know how to use these tools. “Nick the Brain” can but he is also busy. I cannot make it home to use the scanner, would be in pain, would have to drag the heavy Power Book.

Digital cameras do a far better job than mere artists’ hands, these days, and capturing the moment. I won’t post digital pix of my grandchildren here, only of my artistic interpretations, as I have said, out of respect for their privacy and their father’s (my son’s) rights.

Some volunteers from a local university have made a beautiful frame for my granddaughter’s picture, may bring in more, may very well have cameras. They promise to come in today.

I want to be able to resume my artistic “praxis”, which is to make a series of drawings, first in pencil and then in ink and pencil. Then using Gimp to simulate the Old Master’s methods of color glazing on top of shading. This requires Photo Booth, a printer, a scanner. Getting by only with a computer…a gimpy Mac with a photo booth that blurs everything out.

Let’s see…back and left leg still in pain, left leg still quite stiff, left foot consequently can only be bent at angles between 50 and 80 degrees as compared to 0 and 90 for right foot. No change.

Workout: first thing (4:30 AM) 20 minutes supine freedance and “conductus” (air conducting), which caused some pain, not lasting. Have loads of green tea and no Nescafe, will try to stick to the former as an analgesic.


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