4 Aug 2013 – Hk Students Tiffany and Ben to the Rescue

…brought home-made congee and a solution to blurred Photoshop.

Ben and Tiffany from HK Poly and HKU solved my blurred Photoshop problem. Dumbo here (that’s me) had placed transparent tape over the Webcam to hopefully repair some cracks at the top of the screen caused by dropping the computer excessively. The tape blurred the photoshop image in all cases.

Now it works thanks to Tiffany and Ben!
01HK Volunteers

The Congee had Thousand Year Pickled Eggs which sounds expensive but isn’t. It replaced my lunch which was Stanley Prison Chicken Surprise as is usual here. I should have canceled my lunch but in my confusion had forgot that Tiffany and Ben were coming today.

I also have beautiful framed portraits of the grandchildren thanks to T and B: I will show these once I have drawings to put in them. Right now they have photographs of the grandchildren.

And, I can upload my drawing of Esme as a Buddha! In the West all babies are Churchill: but in the East all babies are the Buddha…even Western babies manage to look like the Buddha here.

01 Esme as admonishing baby
Edward G Nilges, “Esme is the Buddha: Esme is da Bomb: Esme Admonishes Us as to the Eightfold Way”: pencil and computer modifications, 4 August 2013: Copyright 2013 Edward G. Nilges: moral rights asserted.

Change Record

08 05 2013 Added missing endquote


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