5 Aug 2013



20 mn weight and movement lying down on oversoft bed. Experienced pain centered on sciatic area where that big nerve runs, like Sciatica, Pennsylvania. Constant flashes in visual field: computer screen seems to open, suddenly then close.

Plan is to restart steps, start with 50-100 tomorrow morning first thing tomorrow morning. Do physio and work with osteopath today.

Late Morning

Physio: 400 or so strokes on the rackety rower, new setting, every five an attempt to stretch left leg to full extent. Exhausted: some “strokes” merely arm motions.


…wow have only to fall asleep, and my old high school zone (Palatine) runs right into the Hung Shin Yeh beach.

The road becomes France, rhymes with pants.

Bright morning, Monday 5 August 2013.

More dreams as I fell back asleep: I was at Princeton, which was by Lake Michigan. Exploring old listings of their PL/I compiler. Then I had to go to perform in a play. Looking for my car with a woman who may or may not have been interested in me. The usual dream noise, caused by this painkiller, what King Richard III called thru Shakespeare “our babbling dreams”. The only identifiable theme being a female spirit, talking thru the dream (?), resident in Princeton, resident in Evanston, Illinois.


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