6 Aug 2013: work out


Pain not so bad from “Sciatica, Pennsylvania”, my name for its centre on the top-middle of my left hip, down to left heel and foot, as I did 50 steps (25 on non-problematic right leg, 25 on problematic right foot and leg).

The problematic right foot droops at a 20 degree angle from the expected angle and has since the beginning of this problem.

Did other light exercises, lying down to relieve the pain of the main event, the 50 leg exercises to fill out a 20 minute workout at 5:30 AM, first thing. Will be doing both physio (20 minutes rackety row, possibly changed as of yesterday, where every five I must fully extend both legs) and osteo (so far exceedingly easy and gentle stretches focusing on the problem leg and its mate the right leg).

Feel good, light, bearable pain. Hope that gradually increasing the motility of the problematic left foot will enhance mood without unbearable pain. A real “Scylla and Charybdis.” Oooh but there’s a stab of pain deep in the butt and a ring of fire around my ankle which I think is “referred” nerve pain. The butt pain would be continuous, and would have to be borne as would the stab of pain. Heck, in the wilderness the no-see-ums of the Cascade Mountains make you jump…old Outward Bound joke…a skydiver forgets his parachute…he’s heading down…he sees another guy heading at the same rate up…he yells “no parachute!”…guy going up yells “no see-um!”.


Reading unexpectedly interesting essay on the “Transcendental Doctrine of Method” which despite its heavy, echt Deutsche Pedant title is unexpectedly interesting, since it distills the essence of “transcendental” logic and it’s an interesting challenge to see if it can be reduced to formal logic:

(P) We enjoy (?) experience of kind K (?) => condition C obtains

More on this in Future posts.


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