6 Aug 2013

The bully claims bullying when he seeks the “right” to bully as part of free speech: this is the essence of this comment at this page, reproduced below in the event it’s not posted, which now is likely. I have for some time engaged this Tea Party site’s members, especially its moderator Carnow32 (? may have screwed up his id, so check it) in civil debate but it’s becoming uncivil, and increasingly, my contributions are not accepted.

Basically, it’s becoming unreasonable to pose as the bully to obtain the bully’s pulpit. It’s only reasonable to ask for civil entry into a civil debate.

I do not pretend to be always civil. I respond at times with incivility and uncivility too, and by putting the boot in as needed. This is because the Internet has been long infested (to my considerable surprise) with little lower middle class people and Scuzz McNastees of the clerical type who use their anonymity to evade their personal issues and I can’t stand them…they remind me of myself had I taken the road not taken.

That’s the position I try to make and to defend here.

Response to Tea Party Site Missouri Tenth re: “Rights” and Bullying

If your desire is to enact novel laws that punish homosexual conduct and abortion, or to re-enact laws that in the view of many punish homosexual conduct and abortion in extravagant ways, then you’re not being “persecuted”: the bully being restrained from punching someone by bystanders is not being bullied or persecuted. The Salem witch-burner isn’t being persecuted by someone who seeks his restraint in order to save women’s lives. The women are being persecuted.

In many jurisdictions, the laws against homosexual conduct and abortion are extravagant, novel and extreme: in Indiana and Texas, especially, absurd legislation has been passed by Republicans in state legislatures in order to win votes, legislation that shows a disturbing ignorance of the Constitution, especially its “Reconstruction” amendments numbered 13 through 15 which ban slavery (including unpaid labor, of the sort that is increasingly fostered in high tech by way of underpayment for actual hours worked), and which specify equal protection of the laws.

I conclude that you seek the position of persecutor and burner of witches, the Malleus Maleficarum or “Hammer of Witches”. The burning of witches (and the genocidal King Phillip’s War against Native Americans) was a feature of what scholars are calling America’s Dark Age, and I accuse you, oh I do accuse you, of seeking its return to get your rocks off in dominating women and persecuting “gay” males who turn you on, and with whom you cannot deal for that reason.

Women won’t sleep with you and gay males turn you on when they wear Eighties length shorts. Therefore you seek to return to the 1950s: back alley abortions and murder of gay men, and simillar praxis. You just FEEL persecuted. The women are persecuted.

Change Record

7 Aug 2013 Missing essay restored, my apology
7 AUG 2013 Lede paragraph changed


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