8 Aug 2013: Interesting Medical Conundrum, am I “Medically Stable”

“Madically stable” sounds like something that can be determined once and for all by science. I am according to Queen Mary Hospital “medically stable” for discharge, and frankly, I’d like to get out of here having been here an extraordinary amount of time.

Yet: my father was “medically stable” in 2003 only because I was there to run his errands: Mom passed away in 1996. In general, the average patient with Stage 4 prostate cancer, what I have, can be medically stable when treatment has ameliorated his pain because the average patient can go home to a family, a partner or perhaps a lover of the same sex; one reason for the (justified) advocacy of gay marriage is that such people deserve fairness from government and insurance providers.

In my opinion, visceral disgust at one’s internal images formed by the idea of gayety and gayness, images that are one’s responsibility, isn’t a religious feeling at all and is undeserving of First Amendment protection.

Queen Mary wants me to work on discharge and I am doing so.

But I don’t think I am “medically stable”; without assistance in going to the store, it turns for me into The Bataan Death March. I can’t even make it to the little Circle K convenience store here, steps from my room and in view of it, without getting seriously exhausted. My father as a physician (and member of the America-based group Physicians For Social Responsibility) believed that “scientific” medical concepts can change from events exogenous to medicine such as being single and without a partner, or nuclear war.

It is true that I have been in Grantham for an absurd amount of time (almost eight months). But this is from an exogenous emergency, the price of rentals and flatshares having gone to absurd levels, making it impossible, in my condition, to find affordable housing.


4 Responses to “8 Aug 2013: Interesting Medical Conundrum, am I “Medically Stable””

  1. I hope you can find a good middle ground. The current future you describe isn’t a reasonable position for the hospital.

    • spinoza1111 Says:

      Correct. I am exploring several options including monastic living. The problem is that most options assume I am a wealthy person and I’m not.

    • spinoza1111 Says:

      Also, Mr YAPCaB, I am in a somewhat unusual position with an extended family and no history of abuse or financial irresponsibility on my part in my 1981 divorce from my grand-daughters’ grandmother.

      Basically, nobody in my extended family has stepped forward to help with one exception. The exception, my sister, helped in a recreational but unsustainable way last winter but when I attempted to make her help sustainable, by obtaining a job for her with my client, she alienated that client. Subsequently she sent abusive emails to me that destroyed the possibility of meaningful communication.

      Therefore I have of necessity exploited Grantham Hospital and the taxpayers of Hong Kong thru this long hospital stay having nowhere to go.

      So…despite my apparent and hopefully real nobility of spirit, high-mindedness and sod-all, like most people on the Internet we find that in family affairs I have skid marks. All I can say is that I have searched my conscience, and find nothing that would justify this mistreatment.

      And, I accept it, in order to maintain some sort of relationship with my son and get information about my grand-daughters. As you know, whenever I receive information and images about and of them, I am over the moon. I want the grandlings taken care of before anyone thinks of me.

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