11 Aug 2013L Two Aphorisms, a Mission Statement and a Situation

Aphorism 1

Internet radio: the final work of art isn’t the original analog work. It is what is delivered by othe Internet including micro and mini service interruptions which create chasms in the work, silences.

Aphorism 2

Asking myself, how do people die of this disease? Seems to be in giving up. Not having a telos, a purpose whereas from the start a cancer is all telos.

Mission Statement

My purpose, then is that of any grandfather, such as Derrida in the 1980s or John Rabe in Nanking in the war to stay alive so as to meet the needs of my family including descendants at one or more remove.

Half-Awake Reflections on the Mission Statement

Is this the Singularity?


I force myself to listen to something both German and modern on the radio, something RTHK (Hong Kong English and Cantonese local radio, rawther classical and well-bred) wouldn’t play, since I fetishized getting value out of iTunes and getting my Chicago station for nothing seemed kewl. It’s not kewl since what I get is subject to micro, mini and macro service interruption as fishes gnaw on optical fibres at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

Change Record

8 Aug 2013 Minor Changes and corrections


One Response to “11 Aug 2013L Two Aphorisms, a Mission Statement and a Situation”

  1. spinoza1111 Says:

    Das ist. You need serious mojo in the form of *telos*. Not improving your golf game (altho that would be great stress control IF you already play that to me frustrating game) but in ripping The Great American Novel a new asshole.

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