15 Aug 2013: e Puro Ciel


Successful (no nausea, little exhaustion) 100 steps, supine weights, walking with weights. 20 minutes first thing at 3:30 AM. Started early because of late bed time last night: wanted to ensure that I did a “first thing” workout, not break my streak.

At 2:00, 20 minutes light rackety row with weights to simulate oars (I’d managed to break the simulated rope oars a few weeks ago). 6.5 “centuries” (1 century==100 strokes) but at “level one” because I was returning to physio, and trouble with nausea yesterday. One century was exclusively simulated rowing using the weights, others were “enhanced” with moving to the hard limit of movement and not the point of maximum effort, every five movements, enhanced or not.

There are five or six levels of intensity numbered from 1, and they are set by moving a round marker to the corresponding hole. I have been up to three but fell back to one today because I’ve been off the rackety rower.

Nothing done on Kant or anything else.

Poop Notes

For some Verdammte reason my bowel movements are of great interest to the nurses here as they were to Outward Bound trainers when I was in the wilderness (as I am now, a wilderness of Zoo, and illness, different from Yosemite but just as fatal a Shore).

So here shall be restrained information about my B. M. status.

I haven’t had a “poop” for “several days” and a “constipation event * *”. with or without “finger quotes” could be a real hard thing, hard to crumbly and horribly dry, a “pain” in the ass (down boy, no FQING ALLOWED). Had since you apparently must know, (a constipation event * *).

Change Record

16 Aug 2012 Error (unbalanced parenthesis) in first paragraph has been fixed

16 Aug 2012 Error: “retirement” should be “bedtime last night”

16 Aug 2012 Errors of clarity in last section (“Poo”) have been fixed


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