18 Aug 2013: Am I dying? Well, no.

N.B. 19 Aug: discussion of these symptoms with the nurse reveals that they are probably the result of increase in Fentanyl dosage in recent weeks from 8.5 to 10.5. Will discuss reduction with doctor. I approved the increase but did not know these symptoms would occur with this particular intensity.

Pain in hip referred down to ankle, nausea earlier. When you vomit Ensure it is like cottage cheese. In and out of sleep all day altho I promise myself to get all sorts of interesting work done, and when aware I am aware, read Johansen at noon on the earliest philosophers Anaximander and Thales.

Workout first thing, 20 minutes: 100 lowrise steps and movement with weights. Hope to increase to 150 tomorrow. How strange (e strano) that now I feel I am dying. Perhaps the feeling will pass.

Have to get up the strength to visit HSBC tomorrow at that damn Norman Solomon cathedral of Moloch and money, HSBC main HQ, and try to sort things out.

Study: the source of coming-to-be is destruction

The first bit of written philosophy in the West: Anaximander: “and the source of coming-to-be is destruction”, no that’s how I remembered it: it is

“and the source of coming-to-be for existing things is that into which destruction, too, happens according to necessity: for they pay penalty and retribution to each other for their injustice according to the assessment of time”.

Gnomic indeed. Johansen has some fascinating material about the gnome or mysterious pronouncement and the part it played in early Greek philosophy.

Change Record

20 August 2013 Identified “Norman Solomon cathedral” as HSBC: added more commentary about the gnome.


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